Thursday, February 20, 2014

Visiting Museums

One of the best things about living in Zagreb is all the museums that you can visit. So, last week I visited two great museums. Art pavilion has specific role in Zagreb’s cultural environment and during its 100-year existence almost all remarkable exhibitions were held there. I enjoyed the exhibition The Art Heritage of the Pejačević Family  which represents the first in a series of dossier and thematic exhibitions from the cycle Hidden Treasure of the European Nobility. This is a series aimed at presenting the distinctive art heritage of Slavonia, the eastern part of Croatia, as part of the art collections of European noble families.

After interesting tour at Art pavilion, I went to see Retrospective Exhibition of the Miroslav Kraljević, Croatian modernist, painter, printmaker and sculptor.

Hope you like my new fur from Greece - dear aunt, thank you for this great present!


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