Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Orchestra of Nature

Hi guys,

I visited Zadar few days ago. It's a really charming city situated in the heart of the Adriatic, surrounded by historical ramparts. I was astonished with the Sea Organ which plays music using waves coming from the sea. The sea organs are actually magnificent marble stares that are about 70m long and they are placed along the coast. This organ is driven by the waves and wind only and it creates the perfect sound with numerous musical variations, and the most important thing is, the author of all these wonderful melodies is mother nature herself. 

And of course the city has one more great attraction, light installation - The Greeting to the Sun! This solar artwork is a huge circle of 22 meters of diameter which has integrated hundreds of small solar cells within a structure of glass plates, and people can walk on it. The work “reacts” to the presence of the public by different light patterns, causing amazing sensations to people who are walking over the installation.

Such an amazing experience. 

If you didn't visit Zadar, this summer is the perfect time to enjoy this great city and archipelago!

After three days of rain comes sunshine directly from Zadar. Today is the perfect day to show you this marvelous attraction - The Greeting to the Sun. 

And about my outfit, love this green tunic especially combined with silk scarf...

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