Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Furry gumboots and pure sheep's wool sweather

Hello! Before I went out I have peeked in my closet in order to find something warm and I have found it! I picked the warmest sweather I have. I got it as a gift from a small village placed somewhere in Serbia. It's special because it's handmade from pure sheep's wool. When you wear it you don't need a jacket.  
I think it goes perfect with my furry gumboots and PVC leggings and my new-old bag!
Of course, don't forget scarf and jewerly. 
I love mix and match materials. 

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  1. Ana that's amazing! I would like to have you in my closet to combine things in your way :) you are fashion guru! Is it possible to receive in inbox an update of your blogg? Thx and enjoy!